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This past week has been nothing short of amazing. No matter what happens in the future, I am so so so happy I dared to take the step into a complete unknown. I think we are all scared to fail. I’ve always been – which of course is something that also has pushed me to work hard in order not to. But I’m starting to feel that the courage to make changes far outweighs the risk of failing – whatever ”failing” is. To me, the meaning of failing has changed from trying and failing, to not trying at all. Whether it’s lingering in a dynamic that doesn’t do you good or taking part of something that doesn’t really align with your values, I think it does far more long term harm than any ”failed” attempt to pursue a dream. Well – enough deep talk. I just want to say that I’m happy. And I’m so happy that I’m happy again. Go do something you’re afraid of! It’s the best thing ever.



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