One giant leap

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My name is Katta and I have just made the biggest change of my life (so far)!
I have lived with it for quite some time now. The thought of taking that giant leap, straight into the unknown.

It took me some time and one of the reasons for that is the same as my motivation to finally start Bucket life and stir things up. I’ve sort of been waiting for life to happen, preferrably they way I wanted it to. That doesn’t really happen too many people though.

Perhaps it’s something some of you are familiar with (the rest of you are probably thinking ”what the heck, just do it already!”). The day job, sock sorting, Instagram, grocery shopping: they all consume time and energy and there’s not much left for the self realisation process.

This maintenance mode also applied to my starting Bucket life. There was never time (and it was a little scary too…) in my busy consultant life, going back and forth between two cities.

So, about time… A wise friend of mine, who’s a brilliant blogger, broke it down in a recent episode of her equally brilliant podcast; ”if you want your blog to be your day job, then treat it like it’s your day job”. It’s all about priorities. So easy, right!?

I think that applies just as well if there’s something you really want to do or achieve (like learn spanish, do yoga or start your own business) – we need to prioritize our time and choices accordingly!

So. I finally kicked myself in the butt and quit my day job. Yes, I did! The domain was already registered back in April, and the ideas have been there way longer.

As of September 1st I’m on my own, running my own business. I’ll be doing consulting work half time and I plan to spend the rest of it taking small and big steps in the desired direction. And of course, share the highs and lows here.

Bucket life is not about ticking boxes on a bucket list however – I want it to be more lasting. It’s about getting uncomfortable, making myself and others happy and working in the direction towards who I want to be (and be with), how I want to live and a world I want to live in (tough one!).

So, it’s more of a step by step life assembly rather than mindblowing Everest missions (just to set the expectations on a reasonable level here…). But we all know the importance of a small step, right (if not, google ”Neil Armstrong quote”)?

Let’s do this – I’m ready to bring it on!

Are you with me?


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